15 08 2009

so siked i got a blog:) its a perfect way to vent!!!!!!!and the dixie chixie’s lol hav finally forgiven me for stealing the “spotlight” to me they went way overboard on was the camera mans fault not mine give me a break i lit just started.and just so u know im not choosing the over the IC or the IC over them.Okay now to Austin guess what……… kinda over him.and i dont feel guilty about that man-stealer n e more i warned her whatevs not my prob n e more.mac thinks i should try extensions to see how they look so i might get more modeling careers i just might do that………..ruby is still social chair and half ruling bams.we’re half way back on top bcuz of our new careers. so take that ruby and her and rubybots! gotta go awesome time to catch a few waves

surfer girl out


Hello world!

15 08 2009

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